Adoption Process


1) All potential adopters are required to complete an Adoption Application. (the link for the application is below). We do our best to place all of our rescues in the best suitable homes. We want the absolute best fit to ensure they never to worry about being homeless again. In fact, in our Adoption Agreement it states we will always take them back if for any reason the home ends up not being their forever home. *To help the adoption process to go as smoothly as possible, please go ahead and contact your vet and your references to let them know we will be contacting them.

2.) All of our rescue animals are spayed and neutered before they are adopted -unless there is a medical reason or they are too young, in which a spay/neuter contract will have to be signed. We need our potential adopters to understand how severe the pet overpopulation is in NC.  Therefore,  all pet owners should be responsible for spaying and neutering their own pets. It is our policy not to adopt to families who have unaltered pets. (Unless you are willing to get them altered). Our hearts ache for the homeless animals which includes litters of puppies/kittens that are killed in high kill shelters every day. Many are being gassed to death. We try to save owner surrenders as they are the first to be killed (usually the same day they are surrendered). Unfortunately we cannot save them all. So, there are only a handful who make it out alive.

3.) In general, we do require a fence for dogs unless there are special circumstances such as the dog being older, more laid back, couch potato, etc. 

There may be other special circumstances as well such as having a dog park next door or wanting a running or hiking partner. Please understand  most dogs have a lot of energy and need enough exercise to release that energy. We also want the dog to have a safe place to play in which a fenced yard is most appropriate.

Please note: Our dogs are NOT located at a shelter. They are in foster homes throughout Stanly County and surrounding counties. **You must be willing to drive to a neutral location for a meet & greet with your dog in order to adopt him/her.**

BEFORE you can meet any of our dogs(besides at our Monthly Adoption Events), you must be approved to adopt. This means you must fill out and submit an application. A vet check or a reference check is then completed and if that goes well a home visit may be requested. 

The entire process takes 3-7 days normally, depending on your location. If we do not have anyone in your area to do your home visit we will ask you to reach out to local vets offices, shelters, and rescues to get this done. Please do not apply to adopt a dog if you are not prepared to welcome it into your home within two weeks of applying. 

We do not "hold" animals and we adopt them out on a first come first served basis based on a completed and approved application process. Fees: The adoption fee for spay/neutered/chipped/vaccinated dog is $200 (puppies under 1 year old $250)- cats $125  (we need to cover vetting expenses, so we can continue to save other pets in need)